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Eating wholefoods for happy hormones

Welcome to the kitchen!

I hope you are hungry?

Welcome to the Happy Hormone Club where our skill is eating food that nourishes us. We also make time to celebrate and enjoy all food without guilt on special occasions.

We strive to eat clean and prioritise wholefoods most of the time. Wholefoods include a variety of fresh succulent fruits, crispy vegetables, hearty whole grains, fresh caught seafood, nutrient dense beans, legumes, nuts and seeds and healthy free-range antibiotic-free animal proteins. Wholefoods are foods where nothing good is taken away and nothing bad is added. We understand that these provide our body with the building blocks for healthy hormones.

  • Think antibiotic-free chicken instead of chicken nuggets.
  • Whole grains or seeds like quinoa instead of ultra processed white bread.
  • Natural sweetness from honey or dates instead of artificial sweeteners.

Eating wholefoods for your hormones is super sustainable, because you feel like your best self! The best news is that you’ll never have to go onto a crash diet in your life again!

Kitchen basics

🥑 Wholefood list & Pantry staples: What to include, reduce & avoid. Access list here >>>

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Hi, I’m Bea. I love cooking wholefood for healthy hormones. See how these are transforming lives. Client success stories >>>

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Simple changes make a huge difference over time. Use this tips to keep your blood sugar stable to support healthy balanced hormones.