Hi! I'm Bea Hurter. Here's my story:

About me

2019 - Present

The Happy Hormone Club (Previously known as The Healthy Hormone Club)

This business was born from my passion to teach others about their hormones and to share my knowledge of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). I believe every woman can learn so much from her own cycle, and how to use that as her SUPERPOWER!

2019 - 2021

Holistic nutritionist & Pilates instructor

I followed my passion and became a Holistic Nutritionist and Pilates instructor. The scientist in me wanted qualifications to back up my knowledge of PCOS and hormones, before starting The Healthy Hormone Club.


Diagnosed with PCOS

My main symptoms were excess facial hair and weight gain. I was diagnosed in 2010, and that was when my new health journey started.

2010 - 2019

Environmental Scientist

I have a Masters degree in environmental science and specialised in groundwater. I worked in the industry, and was always fascinated how much our environment affects our health, and specifically our hormones! 

My Passion

I’m a believer in self love, empowerment and holistic health. I live in the beautiful Western Cape, South Africa. 

I know that everything in nature has cycles and specific flows, just like us. Therefore, when we honor our internal balance between our feminine and masculine energies and listen to our own inner flow, we can start to heal. Of course, with PCOS, and all other hormonal conditions, even being on the birth control pill, takes a little bit more and closer listening to find and restore our INNER FLOW, but this will result in growth, life and beauty again.

The moment I chose the natural path focusing on food as medicine instead of using pharmaceuticals, I started to heal and restore my hormonal balance. 

I’ve been on my own PCOS journey for almost 10 years now, researching all the possible solutions to this syndrome. All my research, success and protocols are included in The Healthy Hormone Club courses to achieve hormonal balance.e

Fun fact

I love listening to music, especially live. I grew up listening to a lot of 60’s blues, but enjoy a wide range. I use music to relax, exercise or dance to.


Hormones 100%
Talking about our cycles 100%
Reading and researching about hormones 100%
Nature & music 100%
Swimming & dancing 100%

Did you know?

I’m one in 10 women diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Before and after I found my INNER FLOW:


Want to connect?

I am virtual

I live in Western Cape, South Africa. We can however use technology to our advantage. I am virtual and will be able to connect with anyone worldwide.

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