Cravings: What they are trying to tell you

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In this Skillful Eating blog you will learn about:

  • The connection between food and your emotions
  • What your body is trying to tell you when you crave specific foods

The connection between food and your emotions

Redefining the way we look at food is life changing. Stop feeling guilty when you catch yourself thinking about chocolate cake. Start being mindful and bring your attention to your emotions that are centered around food. Are you craving cake because you are feeling lonely,  emotional, or overworked? Or does the thought of cake pop into your mind when you think of a certain person or stressful situation? Are you craving chocolate or just sugar? Start noting down which emotions trigger your cravings.

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Cravings: What they are trying to tell you

Emotions might not be the only reason why you are craving certain foods. Other reasons for cravings include:

  • Mineral deficiency
  • Dehydration
  • Dissatisfaction at work or in relationships
  • Hormonal imbalances, including unbalanced insulin, caused by unbalanced blood sugar levels. Access the the Guide to Balance your Blood Sugar here >>>

Let’s look at what else your body might be trying to tell you through your cravings:

Chocolate craving

This craving might be associated with a magnesium deficiency (especially if you crave it during your luteal phase, before your period starts). Try adding more legumes, raw nuts and seeds, 85% cocoa dark chocolate, leafy greens and whole grains to your diet. Take good quality magnesium supplements, we love Magnesium PURE (See more about it here>>>)

Sugar craving

Your body is probably telling you that your blood sugar is unbalanced and that it needs more fats and proteins to help stabilise the balance. This may also be linked to Candida yeast overgrowth in the gut, skin or respiratory system. Focus on eating balanced meals including good quality fats such as avocado and nut butters to your meals as wells good quality animal or plant proteins to every meal. Do not skip breakfast.  Access the simply and affective 6-step protocol to balance your blood sugar here>>>

Salt craving

This craving may be linked to your adrenal glands working way too hard. Your kidneys, on which your adrenal glands are situated, also require salt to regulate blood pressure. If you also feel light headed or dizzy when standing up, add a pinch of Himalayan Rock salt to your daily water bottle.

Interesting cravings from our members:

Craving: Raw onions with every meal

Possible root cause: This client was on intense medication for a while, which placed pressure on her liver. Onions contains sulfur that the liver needs to function, which may have been the reason for the craving. We recommended that she eats as many onions as her body is asking for, and after two weeks her craving subsided.

Craving: Sucking on yellow bath sponge

Possible root cause:  When we crave anything that is non-edible we refer to a condition called Pica. One of the main underlying causes of these cravings are normally an iron-deficiency. Our client went for a blood test, and confirmed low iron, and after supplementing her craving stopped.

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