Hormone balancing – Carrot salad

Servings: 1  |   Prep time: 10 min |   Cooking time: 0 min

Dr. Ray Peat‘s raw carrot salad is showing up on so many social media pages these days, and for a good reason. Dr. Peat is an expert on thyroid health, and prevented his own migraine headaches from reappearing after he started this raw carrot salad daily.

This recipe cleanses the intestinal tract due to the fiber in the carrot, it enhances the removal of toxins, aids digestion and increases your metabolism. This salad also aids in the removal in estrogen in the body that will help to improve:

🥕 PMS symptoms & mood issues
🥕 Gut issues
🥕 Endometriosis pain
🥕 Acne
🥕 Tender breasts
🥕 Headaches and migraines

Daily hormone support


  • 1 medium carrot (Grated or ribboned)
  • 1/2 tablespoon coconut oil / MCT oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), we love Braggs (or your favourite vinegar)
  • A pinch of Sea salt


  1. Grate to ribbon the carrot, add the coconut oil, ACV & sea salt and enjoy daily.
  2. This is a great salad to eat before your main meal, to also provide you with the blood sugar regulating support of the fiber from the carrot.

Cook along with me 👩‍🍳

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I just eat the carrot?

A: The carrot fiber is the secret to this salad, because it binds to toxins and estrogens to cleanse the intestines, so when you’re pressed for time, eating just the carrot instead of not at all is fine. However, adding the other ingredients makes the salad even more beneficial.

Q: Can I use other oils?

A: Coconut oil contains caprilyc & lauric acid that has gut healing benefits, but extra virgin cold pressed olive oil can also be beneficial.

Q: Can I prepare this salad in bulk?

A: Yes, you can ribbon the carrots and keep them in a Consol jar or glass container submerged in filtered water in the fridge to stay crisp. Make the dressing separately, and dress the carrot salad when you are ready to eat.

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