InSync Masterclass

This masterclass includes:  🎥 29:53 minutes of video | ✍️ 1 practical exercise | 📆 Printable A3 weekly planner

In the 30 minute guided Masterclass you will learn how to optimise your workflow and personal life in alignment with your menstrual cycle.

You will rediscover the SUPERPOWERS of each cycle phase and feel empowered to harness the innate wisdom within your own feminine rhythm.

This knowledge will allow you to synchronise your calendar to be more productive, feel less stressed, understand how to include ‘rest’ days & prevent burn-out.

In this masterclass you will learn how to:

  1. Track your menstrual cycle phases
  2. Understand your unique cycle SUPERPOWERS
  3. Include your own feminine rhythm into your daily calendar.

Downloadable guide includes:

  • A printable cycle tracker
  • A cycle calendar blueprint to tailor your personal life and workflow
  • A guide to your different cycle phases and the SUPERPOWERS of each

✍️ Download PDF guide here

Bonus! Weekly A3 printable calender

📆 Print & laminate your calendar and use whiteboard markers to plan your week with your menstrual cycle in mind. Download here:

InSync Masterclass

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Over the past three years, we’ve helped many committed women (just like you) balance their hormones through our high-quality educational offerings, nutritious wholefood recipes and personal guidance.

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