Inner spring – Follicular phase

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Welcome to inner spring - Follicular phase

Your follicular phase is like inner spring. Your hormone levels are at their lowest during the menstrual phase, and starts to increase during your follicular phase.

The rise in estrogen brings with it an increase in energy and the capacity for new experiences and creativity.

This is a phase of new beginnings and planning, so create a vision board for this month and set your intention to achieve all your desires for this cycle. You will feel open to new experiences, so take advantage of that and visit new places or try a new restaurant with friends. Use this energy to explore new adventures with child-like excitement.

By staying true to your inner desire to create and experience new things, you will start to learn how to live according to your own inner cycle superpowers.

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Hormone focus

During the follicular phase hormone levels start to increase after being at the lowest levels during the menstrual phase. This phase is between 7-10 days in duration. Estrogen starts increasing which builds the uterine lining and prepares the body to release an egg at ovulation.

A few superpowers of the follicular phase

  1. New ideas
  2. Energised
  3. Great time to start new projects and healthy habits
  4. Brain storming time
  5. New energy

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if I feel tired during my follicular phase?

A: You might have nutrient deficiencies. Consider checking your iron levels, especially if you have a heavy flow, it could be that you have iron deficiency anemia.

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