Inner autumn – Luteal phase

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Welcome to inner autumn - Luteal phase

Your luteal phase is like inner autumn. Your energy is turning inward to remind you to take time to nurture yourself.

In the follicular and ovulatory phases you where out and about, socialising and nurturing everyone around you, and now it’s your time.

One word to describe this phase is CLEAR, which is way this phase is also called your ‘nesting phase’. Your brain will always want to assume that your egg was fertilised at ovulation, which means that you will mentally start ‘nesting’ before the baby arrives. Even if you are not pregnant, your brain will always hope for the best.

Use this phase to your advantage and clear out your cupboard, desk, folders on your computer and old energy in your life that no longer resonates with you. This is also a great time for administrative tasks, because of your attention to detail that is amplified (Yes, you will unfortunately also be very aware of the towel on the floor and kids toys).

To prevent PMS and feeling irritated make conscious choices to work in a quiet environment,  finish projects instead of starting new ones and don’t overwork. It is also important to not over exercise which will cause stress on the body and cause PMS symptoms to appear.

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Hormone focus

The corpus luteum (the temporary gland formed by the follicle from which the egg burst) produces progesterone. This means that you have to ovulate to produce progesterone. That is why many women on birth control experience mood issues such as anxiety and depression on birth control, because you do not ovulate and produce progesterone.

Progesterone is the hormone most abundant during this phase which will make you feel calm and relaxed as well as keeps your uterine lining intact.

If the egg has not been fertilised during this phase, the corpus luteum will be reabsorbed into the body 10 -14 days later. This will trigger your body to shed your uterine lining and your period will start. Testosterone slightly increases towards the end of this phase that increases your libido for a few days before your period starts.

A few superpowers of the luteal phase

  1. Awareness
  2. Comfort
  3. ‘Nesting phase’: Great time to organise your home or office
  4. Focus on administrative tasks
  5. Focus on self care routines

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is PMS symptoms normal?

A:  Feeling inward focused and wanting to stay in bed and watch movies are totally normal! However, having extreme mood changes, cravings or physical symptoms such as bloating is not normal.

The two main drivers of PMS, includes ignoring your cycle rhythm & imbalanced hormones. Go to the ‘How to prevent PMS’ guide here >>>

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