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In this guide you will receive a list of foods to include, reduce and avoid. This will help you return to eating wholefoods and soon realise it is the most sustainable way of eating, without the need to ‘diet’.  

This list is your guide:

You will notice that we do not say AVOID to any other ingredients except artificial sweeteners. This is due to the neurological risks and is also not a wholefood, or in fact a naturally found substance (in the name I guess 😉). Rather stick to natural sweeteners such as honey, dates and coconut sugar (on occasion). The rest of the foods are listed as ‘Include’ and ‘Reduce’. If you can avoid foods like trans-fats / and processed inflammatory oils such as canola and sunflower it will significantly help heal your hormones. However, life is about balance and feedback, so really paying attention and learning how your body feels (‘talks to you’) after eating certain foods, will  help you towards eating foods that will restore your well-being and vitality.

You will learn that some of the seemingly ‘healthy products’, such as the popular soy vegan burger patties, are rather highly processed and have a lot of un-natural ingredients that define them as simply artificial food items and not wholefood. These foods are constantly inflaming your body, preventing your hormones from staying in balance.

Slow and steady

Start swapping out certain foods for wholefood options (this can be a slow process and you can start replacing new products as you use existing goods).

The real change starts by adding more beneficial foods and making small and consistent changes on a daily basis, while checking in with yourself and how you feel. This is the way you can determine which foods are the best for your being! Let the food you eat bring you joy.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is a wholefood?

A: It’s a food your body recognises, such as free-range chicken instead of chicken nuggets. It’s food where nothing good is taken away and nothing bad is added.

Q: Question.. so my team is going out to celebrate someone’s birthday, they are getting ice cream. I don’t want to be the only one that doesn’t get ice cream. Any suggestions?

A: Sometimes there’s no alternative, so you can choose the smaller options and enjoy it without guilt. That way you wouldn’t trigger emotional eating behaviour of ‘I’m not allowed that’ and feeling ‘out’ at gatherings.

Let’s say you go and visit friends, you can always make a sorbet before hand and take that as another desert options for everyone. That way you also enjoy desert when they do, and they can enjoy your treats too.

Note: Ice cream every now and then is not ‘bad’. If you eat predominately wholefoods and don’t have a lot of inflammation, your body will be able to handle a treat every now and then.

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