The pill cannot regulate your cycle

This might be different to most things you have heard about the pill – so let’s talk.

The pill is sold as the perfect solution to fix anything from irregular cycles, breakouts, heavy bleeding and PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). However, the pill is only masking your underlying imbalance that is causing your period symptoms in the first place. The pill cannot regulate your menstrual cycle, because it switches your own natural hormones OFF.

Your body is flooded with synthetic estrogen and progestin from the pill causing your hormone control center in the brain to disrupt its communication to your ovaries. The pituitary gland stops releasing follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinising hormone (LH), because it perceives that there is more than enough hormones present, which prevents ovulation.

If we recap on how the natural menstrual cycle operates we know that hormone levels fluctuate from higher estrogen in the first half of the cycle to higher levels of progesterone in the second half. We also have a spike in testosterone levels in the middle of the cycle during ovulation. This functions like a perfect harmonious symphony of hormones playing together over the duration of the menstrual cycle. The pill cycle on the other hand is nothing like this. The pill delivers a high dose of synthetic hormones on a daily basis expect during the sugar (placebo) pills as a hormone ‘break’. That means you have no natural fluctuating hormones on the pill; no brain hormones, no ovulation, no period. 

You might be asking the question: “But I’m getting my period every 28 days?’’. Unfortunately this is not a real menstrual bleed and is rather referred to as a withdrawal bleed or chemical bleed. Your body did not go though the natural hormone fluctuations to allow for ovulation, so therefore you also do not have a real period.

If we understand how the pill works to prevent pregnancy we can also see that it creates a huge hormonal imbalance, because the pills job is to stop the communication between the brain and the ovaries. This is not ideal if you are on the journey to balance your hormones.

As long as you’re on the pill, your brain and ovaries aren’t talking, which can seriously affect all your hormones.

The more we talk and share, the more we will heal. At the Healthy Hormone Club we are very passionate about gathering, sharing and restoring our hormonal imbalances together. I want to invite you to join our courses, workshops or Moon Sister Gatherings to be part of the club, and invite your friends, and join the conversation. Let’s heal together & restore our balance.

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