'Dr. Mel has been my mentor since I started The Club. She has incredible knowledge and special insight into gut-health, therefore ensuring that this programme is beneficial for all on their journey to happy hormones, weight loss, better mood and sustainable energy.'
Bea Hurter
Founder of The Healthy Hormone Club

Meet Dr Melody Fourie

Author of The Gut Fix 7 day Programme

Mel Fourie is an IT Executive turned AADP Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.

Mel joined the International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Holistic Health Science, a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition and a Bachelor of Science in Botanical Medicine. She later continued her studies to incorporate a Master of
Natural Medicine, a Doctorate in Alternative Medicine, and now continues her research venture towards a PhD in Natural Medicine.

Founder of Nourished Well-Being, she remains in private practice TEACHING Living-Foods Functional Nutrition to people around the globe and remains dedicated to various specialities, some of which included:
Transformational Nutrition Coaching, Holistic Cancer Speciality, Gut Health Speciality, Neuroscience and NLP, Quantum Medicine and more..

Mel is also the co-founder of Our Grounds. More about Dr. Mel here >>>

Start healing your Gut today ⏬

Gut Fix Programme

Including 1 x Gut Fix (R150) & 1 x Vegan Probiotic (R190) (*Recommended
R 925
  • Full PDF Gut Fix Programme
  • Includes 1 x Gut Fix & 1 x Vegan Probiotic shipped to your door
  • Benefits of including both the Gut Fix & Vegan Probiotic: The Gut Fix has beneficial herbs to heal the gut lining as well as beneficial enzymes to help the pancreas and digestive processes. It also includes probiotics produced during the fermentation process. Whereass as The Vegan Probiotic provides a huge amount of good bacteria to boost gut bacterial diversity for extra healing benefits.

Gut Fix Programme

Only including 1 x Gut Fix
R 735
  • Includes Full PDF Gut Fix Programme
  • Only includes 1 x Gut Fix & delivery

Gut healing products ⏬

Gut Fix Semosis™ is a herbal health drink that offers rapid and effective improvement of most digestive issues and contains probiotic enzymes, the power of 17 herbs and aloe. Gut Fix offers support for the following colon related issues, general digestion, constipation, intestinal spasm, intestinal inflammation, IBS, diverticulitis, fibroids and piles and offers support for the following stomach related issues bloating, reflux, heartburn, stomach wall ulcers, stomach cramps, nausea, and bacterial balance. Gut Fix also provides support for other body-health issues and supports the mechanisms of balance towards correcting arthritis, gall issues, gout, liver detox, kidney stones, healthy blood PH (acting as a blood cleanser), weight and many more.

Contains herbal extracts, beneficial digestive enzymes and live probiotics, to treat the causes of digestive issues and restore a healthy balance in gastro-intestinal tract.


-100% natural fruit juices from seasonal fruits
-Purified water
-Efficient microbes (Food grade beneficial cultures)
-Slippery elm
-Lemon balm