Hormone workshop for practitioners

Life-changing knowledge that will empower you to support your female patients needs

I know as a health or medical practitioner you want to offer your patients the best service, advice and recommendations.

However, you might have never considered or taken into account the female infradian rhythm, aka the fluctuation of hormones over a 28 menstrual cycle. You are also not sure how to look out for hormonal imbalances in your female patients or how to answer any questions about their menstrual cycle or menopausal symptoms (or who to refer them to).

Did you know 75% of women struggle with hormonal imbalances?

Why knowing more about the female hormonal cycle will make you a better practitioner:

  1. The menstrual cycle is the missing link in women’s health. Fluctuating hormones change the brain chemistry by 25% resulting in females experiencing changes in emotions, concentration, muscle building, skin elasticity & pain tolerance over a 28 day cycle. You will be able to tailor your services to their needs. 
  2. This knowledge will empower you to ask your patients the correct questions regarding their symptoms, so you can refer them to the best practitioner to help with hormonal support.
  3. They will trust you more when they feel heard and that you know symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances are not just ‘in their head’.


  • Signs of hormone imbalances
  • Understanding hormonal changes from teenage to post menopausal years
  • The importance of nutrition, gut-health, lifestyle & exercise for hormonal balance
  • Practitioner supporting resources: Questions to guide patients & referral recommendations

Saturday 18 May 2024 | 9:00 – 12:00 | Linden, Johannesburg  | R650 p/p

Workshop Review from Dr. Nabeela Hajee

‘It was very informative. I loved that you have created a safe environment to chat about things that women don’t feel comfortable talking about. I think it’s so important to learn more about our own bodies. Thank you again. ‘

Meet your host

I’m Bea Hurter founder of The Happy Hormone Club.

I am a certified Holistic Nutritionist and Pilates Instructor focusing on women’s health and hormones. I quit my job as an Environmental Scientist (she has a Masters Degree in groundwater) to become a women’s health practitioner, after healing myself from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) with lifestyle and nutrition.

I am very passionate to teach about hormones, the menstrual cycle and how to understand hormonal shifts from teenage to menopausal years.