Our insightful 2-day workshop with Bea Hurter, the founder of The Happy Hormone Club will take place on the 1st and 2nd of June 2024: 10:00 -12:00 each day (SAST). It will only be hosted ONCE this year.

Naturally Cyclical Workshop

A free 2 day training event to reclaim your feminine wisdom and nourish yourself back to symptom-free periods.After subscribing you will receive an email to welcome you to the workshop and the next steps.

    Are you ready to become your happiest & healthiest self?​

    • Learn what your unwanted symptoms are trying to tell you about your body.
    • Be more productive, motivated and focused when you learn how to include your menstrual cycle phases in your monthly calendar.
    • Receive information that will make you feel more at home in your own female body
    • Experience what it feels like to understand how your female body works and how to trust her.
    • Be less overwhelmed and more in control when you know what food to eat that will nourish your body and result in symptom-free cycles

    Signs that your hormones might be imbalanced:

    Our body speaks to us through symptoms and our menstrual cycle, but we just forgot how to interpret her voice

    Meet your mentor

    Hi, I'm Bea!

    I’m a Holistic Nutritionist and Pilates Instructor, with a special focus on women’s hormones and health. I quit my job as an MsC Environmental Scientist to become a women’s health practitioner, after balancing my own hormone after receive my PCOS (Polycystiv Ovary Syndrome) diagnosis 13 years ago. I did this mainly through lifestyle and nutrition and trusting my own body to heal.

    After balancing my own hormones naturally which resulted in losing about 12 kilograms, clearing up my skin and brain fog and putting my PCOS symptoms into remission I opened The Happy Hormone Club.

    Over the past four years, we’ve helped many committed women (just like you) balance their hormones through our high-quality educational offerings and personal guidance.

    Now, it’s your turn to experience the same thing.

    The only question is: Are you ready?

    This workshop is ideal for women ages 16 - 40

    A special workshop for perimenopause and menopause will be hosted later in 2024

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