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It’s your time to prioritise yourself, your health & your hormones. The world is a better place when women live in their full feminine power and are vibrantly healthy. Do you agree? In this consultation you will receive the answers and support you need to start your hormone healing journey.

We work with: PMS | Period pain | Support on birth control & transitioning off it | PCOS | Endometriosis | Acne | Weight loss | Heavy periods | Fatigue | Gut-health |Emotional eating | Menopausal symptoms 

You  will receive nutrition guidance & natural supplement recommendations.

Client testimonials

''I badly wanted to fall pregnant when I met Bea. My menstrual cycle was very irregular and I needed help managing it. Bea gave me so many helpfull tools to regulate my mood, mental state, emotions and most important, my hormones. When I met her she asked: "Where would you like to be in 3 monthts" , to which I replied: " I'd like to be pregnant" and just like that 3 months later I was pregnant and I now have a beautiful healthy 6 month old baby girl. After my pregnancy Bea still helps me out when I have questions. She changed my outlook on food and how wholefoods will make you look and feel great. I have reached my goal weight very soon after I met Bea and am I back where I want to be even after I had my baby. She will always come recommended to everyone I meet.'
Sunel Manson
'Within the first month of using the guide and tips provided, my mood has improved significantly and my PMS symptoms were non-existent. I was surprised the day my period arrived, as there were no symptoms indicating that it was on the way. I understand my body so much better and can nourish it according to the phase in my cycle with the amazing recipes provided by Bea. And a BONUS is that I have been receiving so many compliments on my weight and clear skin! I love being a part of The Healthy Hormone Club!'
Tamzin Osman
Financial Accountant
'I have to date lost 9kg and I don't feel absolutely shattered with exhaustion anymore! My main symptom when starting this journey was the relentless fatigue, but since implementing this new lifestyle I am a much happier human with better mental and physical health. I am waiting until I am ready to eventually wean myself off the pill but Bea has provided me with amazing tools to do so when I am ready. She has made this PCOS journey bearable and is only ever a whatsapp away. To have someone who truly understands was the main reason as to why I embarked on this journey with her.'
Bianca Leader
'In my previous cycle i noticed reduced PMS symptoms. My breast didn't swell up as much, mood swings were minimal and improved bowel movements (constipation)'
Kgaogelo Matjie
Self employed

Let's start your journey

First consultation

The first consultation is an hour long and our safe space for you to share your story with me. I would have gone through your questionnaire beforehand, so during this session we will discuss the areas of focus and your lifestyle and food plan for the next four weeks.

After the consultation you will receive an on-boarding email with a summary of what we have discussed. Each Monday, for the next four weeks, you will receive an email with the information for the week.

Follow-up sessions

Our first follow-up consultation will be scheduled 2 weeks after the first consultation.

During this interactive follow-up call, you will let me know how you are currently feeling after you have started to implement recommended lifestyle changes. We will be able to to review and adapt our strategy if needed.

I will answer any questions and provide you with further information or teachings if required.

Additional follow-ups can be scheduled thereafter for further support.

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Online consultation

Consultation & one follow-up call
R 1100
  • Includes our 60 minutes consultation
  • Four weeks of guided emails and support
  • Includes one follow-up call of 20 minutes, scheduled 2 weeks after first consultation
  • Additional follow-ups sessions can be booked for R250 each

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Our consultation days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you want to schedule an alternative day or time, please send me an email: