Birth control support

Includes:  🎥 20 minutes video presentation | ✍️ 1 printable PDF

In this protocol you receive the guidance on how to support your body on synthetic birth control medication such as the pill as well as when you are transitioning off it.

🎥 Watch 20 minute presentation to understand how birth control works, types of birth control, diet and lifestyle recommendations when using it.

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First 2-steps to restoring your natural cycle

  1. Heal your gut: The pill not only causes damage to the lining of the gut, but it also causes an imbalance in the good vs bad gut bacteria.
  2. Restore depleted nutrients: The pill depletes many vital nutrients, minerals and antioxidants. This guide includes supplement recommendations to use daily while on the pill and transitioning off it. It also includes nutrient dense whole food options to add to your daily meals to provide nutrients. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long will it take for my cycle to return after going off the pill?

A: Depending on how long and what type of synthetic hormonal birth control you used, your cycle might return immediately or start normalising after about 3 months. Follow the supplement and dietary recommendations provided, to support your body for quicker results. If it takes longer than 6 months to normalise herbal remedies provided by your herbalist or homeopath might be helpful.

Q: Will my unwanted symptoms reappear after going off the pill?

A: If you have used the pill or any synthetic birth control method, to ‘regulate’ your cycle or ‘fix’ your skin or male pattern hair growth you have only put a band-aid on your underlying root cause.

These symptoms are here to be your warning lights to tell you that something is out of balance. Therefore, the imbalance that was masked by the pill might result in symptoms coming back., The good news is that you can now start working on your root cause and balance your hormones naturally.

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